Just north of West Palm Beach, the Treasure Coast boasts miles of beautiful white sand beaches and communities that will enhance a strong recovery for the alcoholic or addict. Beside the Atlantic Ocean and along South/Central Florida, the Treasure Coast stretches all the way from Indian River, down through St. Lucie and Martin counties, and slightly into the northern Palm Beach area. Located near the Treasure Coast, The Ambition House’s 12-step program offers classes throughout this stunning community, which can only help the recovering addict/alcoholic as they begin and sustain abstinence. The communities of Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, and Stuart can offer a more laid-back atmosphere that fulfill the needs for a successful rehab and continued sober living for those who would not choose a faster-paced city such as West Palm Beach. What the Treasure Coast lacks in urban sprawl and commercial development it more than makes up for with gorgeous rivers, flatlands and barrier islands that stretch for miles. The Treasure Coast earned its name when the centuries-old "Treasure Fleet" was discovered off the coast of Stuart. This Spanish fleet was lost to a hurricane and buried beneath the waters, just like all the alcoholics and addicts who have lost their way in the storm of addiction, who have been buried under the depths of their regret and hopelessness. And, just as the fleet and all its treasure has been recovered, addicts and alcoholics in the Treasure Coast are finding help, recovery, and a second chance at life. Every day, alcoholics and addicts who recover here are giving a new significance to the Treasure Coast's namesake. The most valuable treasure they discover here isn't gold or silver. It isn't found within an old ship buried somewhere in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The true treasure of the Treasure Coast is the joy and serenity that they find within themselves, the treasure of recovering one day at a time from the pain and suffering of drug and alcohol addiction.