Live Sober at The Ambition HouseThe Ambition House provides an environment for recovering drug addicts that is safe, structured, and above all, conducive to living a productive life free of drugs and alcohol. Each residence is operated by the management team, led and coordinated by the halfway house resident manager and facilitated with the cooperation of our house members. As a sober living residence, we are committed to helping your transition from drug addiction treatment back into your community. This transition is facilitated by 12 step involvement, personal growth, and sobriety. These core components of our program are reflected in daily life at The Ambition House, which consists of:
  • 90 Day Minimum Stay
  • 24-Hour On-Site Manager
  • Daily Action Plans & Personal Recovery Plans
  • Accommodations for Outpatient, Day-Patient & After-Care Plans
  • Transportation Provided Upon Request
  • Random Drug Testing & Toxicology Screenings 
  • Leveling System of Privileges & Responsibilities
  • 12-Step Meeting Participation
  • Sponsorship & Service Requirements
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Communal & Individual Responsibilities
  • Enforced Curfews
  • Peer Support Meetings
  • Morning Meditation & Evening Reflection
  • Step Study & Workshops
  • Community Dinners & Unity Outings

Aspects of Daily Sober Living at The Ambition House

Each aspect of daily life at The Ambition House encompasses our sober living philosophy that there are certain things we do for you, certain things we expect you to do, and certain things that we do together. For you, we provide the care and support that allows you to flourish in a sober living environment. From you, we expect accountability and personal responsibility. Together, we support, help, and learn from each other. The Ambition House employs random urinalysis and toxicology screenings to ensure abstinence and continue to provide a safe, drug-free environment for all our guests. Clients are also held accountable for a daily plan of action and taking responsibility for community commitments. Part of this commitment is mandatory involvement in the 12 steps. Each guest's 12 step activities are monitored by our management team and supplemented by our step studies, daily meetings and workshops. At The Ambition House, you will uncover a new way of life. You will discover how to live a sober life that is truly worth living. And you will discard the life that wasn't working for you. Fellowship, community, and recovery lie ahead!