What better place to jump start your journey onto the path of recovery than Fort Pierce? This town is blessed with pristine beaches, warmth, sun and plenty of good fishing and water sport activities! There is plenty to do in this active community, and plentiful healthy eating available with a large Farmers Market for fresh fruit, vegetables and lots of other treats for good, wholesome living. It is a place for recovery and for life! Fort Pierce is the county seat of beautiful St. Lucie County, located in the center-east of Florida right along the shoreline of the scenic Treasure Coast. This historic and cultural town has won awards for excellence in city governance and the downtown's history preserve. It is also one of the oldest on Florida's east coast, having been incorporated in 1901. Then, for it's centennial celebration, the Fort Pierce city government installed a time capsule on its premises. Residents put everything from old records to worn out clothes in it...now it's your turn to throw drug addiction in the capsule and walk away from it for good! Fort Pierce is known as the “Sunrise City,” with its sister city on the West Coast, San Francisco, known as the “Sunset City.” Here, you can watch the rise and setting of two suns. The pain and regret of your past will vanish into the distance. At the same time, a new, warm sun is approaching and signaling a new day in your life. It is a day in which you will grow, learn, and recover one day at a time. With the love and support of your brothers and sisters at The Ambition House, you will uncover your true potential and discover who you really are. Substance abuse will fade into a distant memory with the quality of sober living that can be yours in this superb community!