Over the years, there's one place where thousands of addicts have flocked to in South Florida: Delray Beach, located in the sunny southeast corner of Palm Beach County, just south of West Palm Beach and about an hour north of Miami. Delray Beach has it all, from arts festivals to nightlife and more. Yet, the reason so many recovering addicts choose this oceanside town as their recovery destination goes further than the town itself. Delray Beach's strong, embedded 12-step community is second to none. This community has much to offer the recovering addict or alcoholic in addition to the daily 12-step meetings that our clients can attend in this beautifully situated city. Delray Beach is the perfect setting for a halfway house for those wishing to live in a sober environment, with activities structured for their ongoing rehab and return to productive living. Our Delray Beach rehab center is close to Delray Municipal Beach, rated one of the top 35 beaches in the country, offering any number of water sports and activities for the recovering addict/alcoholic. Perfect for starting your recovery, and perfect for staying to continue your personal growth in this All-American community. The thousands of recovering addicts you find in Delray Beach mean that you won't have to look hard for sobriety. Here, sobriety doesn't simply mean staying clean. It's a whole way of life, a culture all in its own. There are countless fun sober events, including many that are specifically tailored to young people. The many fellowships, such as AA, CA, and NA, organize barbecues, dodgeball tournaments, softball games, and much more! In addition, there are literally hundreds of meetings every week, plus hundreds more in the surrounding area. Delray Beach is a town where recovery is everywhere. Personal growth and a better way of life are hard to miss, and that makes your recovery journey just a little a little bit easier.